The Swanson Hip and Knee Center of Excellence and Research Institute’s mission is to provide unequaled excellence in all aspects of care for patients with hip or knee disorders. The Center of Excellence was created to provide a single site where patients feel confident they are receiving the most sophisticated and advanced treatment available in a personalized, caring environment. After years of building the foundation for the Center of Excellence, Dr. Swanson heads a team of medical experts to care for your hip or knee problem using the most advanced surgical and non-surgical techniques and technologies available with the capability to treat the full spectrum of hip and knee disorders.  Dr. Swanson believes excellent patient care also requires educating other surgeons about new techniques and technologies and educating patients about their hip or knee problem and the treatment options available to them; great care is taken by all of our staff to ensure patients feel committed to their selected treatment through knowledge of their options. The Desert Orthopaedic Research Foundation is a key component of the Center of Excellence and it is here that we implement research projects which ultimately benefit our patients. Our patients are our gift and we strive to provide comfort and solutions to each one. 

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