Dr. Swanson’s Most Recent Publications and Presentations

Squeaking Ceramic Hip Replacement

Influences of Prosthetic Design on Squeaking after Ceramic-on-Ceramic Total Hip Arthroplasty,  Presented at the AAOS Annual meeting, March, 2009, and the AAHKS Annual Meeting, November, 2009
Ceramic-on-Ceramic THA: The Good with the Bad,  presented at DJO Surgical meeting, January, 2009

Digital Templating Minimizes Leg Length Discrepancy

Digital Templating of the Non-Affected Hip as a Means of Minimizing Leg-Length Discrepancy after Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty  Submitted for Publication


Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty

Tapered, Fluted Femoral Fixation “Arthritis and Arthroplasty”, 2009*
Book Chapter

Tapered Stems

Use of the Woodpecker Pneumatic Broach with the CLP, presented at DJO Surgical meeting, January, 2009

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*ARTHRITIS AND ARTHROPLASTY: THE HIP (A Volume in the Arthritis and Arthroplasty Series edited by Thomas E. Brown, MD; Quan Jun Cui, MD; William Mihalko, MD, PhD; and Khaled Saleh, MD) edited by Thomas E. Brown, MD, Quan Jun Cui, MD, William Mihalko, MD, and Khaled Saleh, MD)
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